To ARGV or to To Variable, is it really a question?

Ok, so it’s not the best title ever, considering, but what the heck.

So still working through the Python lessons. So far it doesn’t seem too different from what I used to do with a shell/bash script ( I inherited some and learned what they did. Then created some new ones based on them). Though the ‘language’ does seem to be a bit easier, and I see how it might be easier to accomplish some things better.

That being said, most of the lessons so far, are calling for argv values, for lack of a better term. With this you call the script with arguments after the file name: old.txt new.txt



So that does seem to work, so long as the person who calls the script knows what they are supposed to do.

Personally I prefer something more like this:



Yes it is more lines of code, but to me at least, it seems more user-friendly. I could have anyone call my script and it asks them for the file names vs expecting them to know what they are supposed to do.

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