Scripting with Multiple Machines

I’ve been trying to learn python and scripting in general. If I can make certain parts of my job easier by writing a script why not?

With that I’ve taken to doing some customization on my environment.

    Using Zsh instead of bash (pulled from Homebrew)
    oh-my-zsh (customization of zsh)
    Homebrew (package manager, can install all kinds of fun things)
    Pathogen (runtime for VIM)
    help from friends! Tony Mattke, Teren Bryson and others.
    GitHub of course!

The problem I was having was how to keep my customization and scripts in sync between my work machine and my personal machine. The answer I found, well one answer that works for me, is DropBox! Though you could probably use any cloud storage provider you wanted. I created a folder in my DropBox called “sync” and I symlink the files/folders I want to keep in sync on both machines into it.

Now, when I make a change to my .vimrc, zsh custom folder, or basically anything else I have symlinked, the change gets reflected to the other machine.