This blog and any reproduction of its content is the creation of Steve Rodriguez. The content created herein reflects my opinions and conclusions. Nothing I write about on this blog should be viewed to reflect any opinion of any employer, past or present. I write for myself and myself alone. Details provided on this blog should not be perceived to reflect the actual design or configuration of any technology or infrastructure deployment. I write about what interests me – some of the tools and technologies that I write about may be used in existing deployments, but I also write about other things as well. This blog is simply an exploration of these experiences in a generic way that you, the reader, can learn about these concepts and find a way to integrate them into your own day-to-day experiences. Any sharing or re-sharing of content (i.e. Twitter retweets/favorites, link posting, etc.) is not an endorsement or acknowledgement of any kind, just an indication that I feel a topic warrants further scrutiny and/or discussion.

Being a Cisco Champion I am asked from time to time to write a post for the Cisco blog. This is no way shape or form guarantees them any bias. As with any article I write, my opinions are my own, and I will express them as I see fit.


In the IT field, and certainly within the blog-o-sphere a number of NDA’s get thrown out. I abide by and respect the penalties for not doing so. If you are willing to share confidential information with me as a customer, you have no worries that I will share that information. I have not and will not violate that trust as it only harms my future in this field.

I work for a value-added reseller (VAR). I don’t disclose the name out of respect, just as I don’t parade around the office discussing my blog. Who I work for isn’t as important as what I do. Since I work for a partner of many different vendors, I am often privy to things the general public doesn’t know about. I don’t discuss these things, if I say I can’t talk about something, there’s usually a very good reason.

I’m a CCIE. I abide by and respect the NDA that goes along with it. I also abide by and respect the copyrights of the training vendors that I used to study for my exam. I won’t discuss the content outside of the publicly-known information or information that is specifically excluded from NDA. I will not “share” my workbooks or digital materials with you just this once for old times sake. I invested in the programs of some damn fine trainers. The least you can do is invest in them too, that is if you are serious about the CCIE.

As the blog represents a lot of opinion, I do reserve the right to change my mind from time to time. I want all opinions to be represented here. Know that hateful comments or extremely personal attacks will not be tolerated, and neither will useless spam.